Workspace version 17.1
New features
  • Support for Aktia payment version 010. (Specification 1.3) Workspace 17 supports Aktia payment version 003, which Aktia is reportedly deprecating by the end of September, 2014.
  • Workspace 17.1. supports changing URLs for the following providers: Aktia, Handelsbanken, Paytrail, POP Pankki, and Säästöpankki.
  • More minor usability improvements in the Workspace Administration
Bug fixes
  • Manually sending messages to customers in the Workspace Administration customer module has been fixed. In Workspace 17, the user interface was rather confusing, but not impossible to use.
  • The Workspace implementation of the Paytrail form interface now supports Aktia, POP Pankki and Säästöpankki as preselected choices.
  • Payment Provider API payments now have an 'order paid' event, enabling customized event handling for those, too.
Workspace version 17
New features
  • Support for separate Aktia, POP Pankki, and Säästöpankki payment methods. The old combined service provided by Samlink is going to be discontinued this year. Merchants are advised to make separate contracts with the three providers from now on.
  • Support for Klarna Checkout
  • Webshop extensions framework makes it easier to manage future Workspace extensions.
  • You can organize order status flows logically, making order status management easier to use.
  • Order questions can be set unavailable to users, making order management easier to use.
  • Workspace administration users can now be grouped by their user role, which can be given common access rights.
  • Workspace administration users can view and update their own information
  • Support for webshop tracking cookies.
  • The webshop platform supports third party scripts that need information if an order has been paid.
  • Webshop settings editors have been made more customizable, helping our third party providers.
Bug fixes
  • Checkboxes in campaign settings are now copied correctly when copying a campaign.
  • Customer return to the shop from a payment provider's pages has been made more robust. This should reduce multiple messages for a payment, and payment transactions that are considered failed by Workspace when the provider has actually accepted the payment.
  • Checking an order's payment status from the provider in the order management now can automatically mark the order paid, if the provider and our implementation support that.
  • Open Interface now filters out characters in export data that cannot be exported as XML. If you have such characters in your product, order or customer data, this might still cause inconsistencies in integrations, but at least the data can be exported.
  • Coupons can be edited before they are used. After that it is still not advised.
  • The webshop mobile demo theme does not show hidden order or customer questions anymore.
  • You can actually edit Workspace user accounts even when you have more than 100 of them, just do it one at a time.
Workspace version 16.1
New features
  • Support for Danske Bank Web Payment Service v 4
  • Support for Handelsbanken web payment v 003
  • Support for customer sign in using their Google or Facebook accounts on the webshop platform
  • Customizable product management product card: ask our sales for a demonstration
  • The Webshop WYSIWYG editor uses a newer version of the TinyMCE editor, which fixes quite a few annoyances with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Usability improvements to Workspace Order Management
Bug fixes
  • Group letter sending has been made more robust to missing recipients
  • Fixes to how discount is shown in webshop
  • See "Improvements" above about the new TinyMCE editor
Workspace version 16.0
New features
  • Webshop mobile theme
  • Customizable product card management: we are in the process of upgrading the administration interface to the flexibility level of the webshop platform, starting with product management
  • OCI (Open Catalog Interface) support on the Webshop platform
  • New campaign tool gives more flexibility to the definition of campaigns on the webshop platform
  • PublishedService support for the Itella Noutopisterekisteri (Pick-up point register) 2.0 search
  • Improved Itella SmartPOST + Prinetti interoperation
  • Luottokunta risk management tool support: merchants using risk management tools can view the values in order information
Bug fixes
  • Quite a few small ones: fixes in Open Interface, currency handling, order calculation, and how prices are shown.
Workspace version 15.2
New features
  • Webshop support for the Itella Noutopisterekisteri (Pick-up point register) 2.0 search
  • Usability improvements to product management, campaign management and the webshop editor
  • Nordea SE payment has been updated to comply with their new MAC calculation specification (Nordea e-payment v. 1.1).
  • The payment URLs for Danske Bank (Estonia and Finland) used by the webshop and Payment Gateway have been updated to the new addresses recommended by Danske Bank since 15.11.2012
Bug fixes
  • PayPal payments get their status updated properly when returning from the service
Workspace version 15.1
New features
  • New configuration options for PayPal (quantity parameter, order number as reference).
  • Prinetti: Implementation now conforms latest interface version.
  • Prinetti: Improved Prinetti's exception handling
  • Prinetti: New service code (Consumer Parcel) is now available for use
  • Luottokunta: Payment method now conforms with their latest specification
Bug fixes
  • In some occasions viewing product page with product pack campaigns resulted in error.
  • Fixes to Nordea eCredit.
  • Payment gateway fixes.
Workspace version 15
New Features
  • New webshop-platform which allows more flexible e-commerce site building.
    • New design tools for assisting site building using webshop platform
    • New tool and features add more flexibility for shop layout and customization
    • Users can have different roles for webshop editing and administration
  • Webshop platform can be enabled or disabled from systems module
  • Payment provider API
  • Improved security on administrator interface.
  • Improved Prinetti to conform 1.8 interface.
  • CSV tools are no longer automatically available for all users. They need to be activated separately.
  • Freebie campaign type has been split into two: AutomaticFreebie and Bargain.
  • Groupletter now supports personal names in the from,replyto,errors and returnpath fields.
  • New campaign condition type "customer group name" (note, not primary, but any group). Campaign tool customer conditions now return the negated value of the operator instead of false if there is no customer logged in
  • Payment method improvements
    • Added PARAMVAR parameter for the Ogone payment. The parameter can be included in the post-sale request URL in the Ogone administration (see Chapter 5.7.1 in the Ogone technical documentation).
    • Lindorff WebInvoice payment method
    • Order related emails sent via Open Interface now leave the same kind of history entry to order's order history, as those that get normally sent by Workspace.
OpenInterface changes
  • Due the changes on how monetary formats and calculations are handled, the OpenInterface has changed to reflect these changes. This renders the earlier interface format incompatible.
  • A designer documentation is available trough webshop platform's editor interface. Documentation explains how to design and develop your e-commerce site using new webshop platform.
Bug fixes

Alongside with new features and improvements a number of bugs were also fixed.

Backward compatibility -- A note for users prior Workspace 15

Workspace 15 is a major platform upgrade. PublishedService based e-commerce sites are incompatible with the webshop platform and it is not possible to automatically convert existing sites to use the new platform.

However both old and new platforms can co-exist but platforms are mutually exclusive: only one platform at a time can be enabled. Platform selection can be configured in the system module's webshop settings.

Upgrading from Workspace 13.x version to Workspace 15 version does not break the layout or functionality of your existing shops. With existing shop the first thing to do is to disable the webshop platform from the webshop settings in the system module.

As with every other Workspace upgrade, it is recommended to test the upgrade in test environment before updating production environment.

Workspace version 13.2
New Features
  • Added support for Itella SmartPOST to "Itella noutopiste" service. More information can be found from
  • Added support for Itella SmartPOST to Prinetti implementation.
  • New payment methods:
    • APE-Payment (Finnish)
    • Suomen verkkomaksut (Finnish)
  • Added support for
  • Improvements to DIBS payment method
    • Automatic payment confirmation
  • Improvements to Klarna implementation
    • Support for payment plans is updated to latest version (e.g. support for multiple languages)
    • It is possible to choose whether payment method is invoice, part payment, or both.
    • Support for multiple Klarna configurations
  • User interface improvements regarding payment methods
  • Campaign tool improvements
    • Packet campaign improvements: Discount for each campaign product is proportional to product's original base price.
    • Campaign product can be defined using product's or it's variant item code: Product's item code allows all product's variants to be campaign products. Variant's item code limits the scope to that particular product variant.
    • Product packs that cannot be bought as whole are hidden
    • New variables and blocks for product pack campaign (see manual for details)
  • Free-form URL generation for product's pictures and attachments
  • User management improvements
    • Last login time for administrator user is now recorded
    • Possibility to define session length for individual administrator user
Bug fixes

Alongside with new features and improvements a number of bugs were also fixed.

Workspace version 13.1
  • Updated Sp/Pop payment method to the new specifications.
Bug fixes

  • Fixed restoring saved shopping cart.
  • Fixed formatting of notifications on order history's single order page.
  • Fixed variables $product_open_field21$ - $product_open_field25$, which returned the contents of open field 20.
  • Fixed rounding error in calculating prices for products included in a product pack campaign.
  • Fixed error in searching products with VAT percentage in product management.
Workspace version 13
New features
  • Campaign tool with support for different types of marketing campaigns.
  • Profit based pricing for products.
  • Support for Maksuturva payment method.
  • Matkahuollon Toimipistehaku
  • Five new open fields for products.
  • Automatically hidden products can now also be made automatically visible.
  • Lots of usability improvements in product management.
  • Improved security for customer passwords.
  • Simple search for group letter's black list.
Bug fixes

  • Fixed downloading problems with Internet Explorer in CSV product export.
  • Fixed lots of problems with CSV product import.
  • Fixed incorrect rounding in Payment Gateway.
  • Fixed problem with contract pricing rules which aren't specific to any customer, customer group or pricing contract group.
  • Fixed problem which slowed down creating a new product, if there was lots of products with automatically generated item codes.
  • Fixed group letter's WYSIWYG editor, which did not allow CSS styles.
  • Fixed problem in payments' refunding functionality which sometimes prevented refunding the full price.
  • Fixed double HTML encoding in some template variables in email templates.
  • Fixed problem in group letter which caused very long messages to be truncated.
  • Fixed problem which caused deleting an Administration Interface user to fail in some situations.
  • Fixed problem which prevented viewing a customer which was last modified by a deleted Administration Interface user.
  • Fixed problem which caused updating the saved shopping cart to fail, if some of the saved products were removed from Workspace.
Workspace version 1.12.2
New features Improvements

This release is a minor release focusing on improvements and bug fixes. Improvements are focused on performance on large datasets.

  • Faster group letter functionality with large number of receivers
  • Administration dropdown menus have been modified to work better with IE8 and Opera
Bug fixes

There were several bugfixes implemented in this version, including the following:

  • Lots of fixes for Kreditor and Lindorff
  • Filemanager does not produce wrong mime type anymore in response header if the request points to a directory but doesn't end with a slash
Workspace version 1.12.1
New features
  • Lindorff payment is released.
  • The Kreditor payment was improved. Several features like payment plan were added.
  • Selecting customer page was improved. Now it works faster and on load it searches for the last name of the buyer in the customer data.
Bug fixes

There were several bugfixes implemented in this version, including the following:

  • Fixed bugs related mysql4 upgrades
  • Refactored "Selecting customer" page in Orders tab. Now it works much faster.
  • Now the Free HTML wae displays all files in subdirectories
  • Restricted item code in Product Modify page to 255 symbols
  • Fixed wrong link on customer questions in Workspace manual
  • Fixed invalid number format in transaction search ID field
  • Wider fields for coupon view.
  • Setting next order number in admin now works properly.
  • Now empty private key in estonian payments wont crush page
  • Error when exporting product, which has deleted product type's id assigned.
  • Fixed data truncation error in Payment Gateway.
  • Fixed wysiwyg freepage export/import bug
  • Error when a product group ends with % in product spot.
  • Removed explicit redirecting after adding a wishlist item, if the setting 'Go to the wish list page when a product is added to the wish list' is disabled.
  • Fixed WYSIWYG-editor doesn't work if the edited theme is password protected.
  • Fixed bug, when $product_picture4_url$ variable doesn't work
Workspace version 1.12
New features
  • Product modification window from Product Administration has been updated.
    • Products can now be marked with Product Type.
    • Product Property fields can now be relabeled through a product type.
    • Product modification windows have previous and next product links.
  • Enabled changing Products productType in OpenInterface product import/export.
  • Workspace now supports Kreditor payment system.
  • In tree structure WAE, there is now an option to show the whole product group tree as open all the time.
  • Added Vietnamese language to workspace.
  • Added new search types to AdvancedSearch:
    • StartsWith creates a like search with 'text%'.
    • ExactFull which behaves likes exact, but doesn't split the search terms by spaces.
  • Order history items with receivers now added when messages are sent. If message doesn't have valid recipients, this is notified in the history as well.
  • Now it's possible to set currency symbol position.
  • Added new wishlist variables:
    • $wishlist_currency_primary_label$
    • $wishlist_currency_secondary_label$
    • $wishlist_items_cost_no_vat$
    • $wishlist_items_vat_cost$
    • $wishlist_items_weight$
    In the wishlist HTML textarea, variables from Product card WAE also can be used.
  • Now every time a buyer orders something his IP is saved in order table.
  • Added anchors so that when the product card modification window is closed, the product list in product administration interface scrolls to the modified product. Extra HTML is not loaded now when the product card modification window is closed.
  • Added 'Save and close'-button to product card
  • Creating a new order from the admin now also creates an order history item marking the origin of the order (also marks the user which created the order).
  • To orders export added new date fields:
    • order creation date
    • order handling status date
    • order payment status date
  • Orders and customers search is now case-insensitive.
  • Now User ID is also stored in Order->Order history "Creator" field.
  • Now the $order_id$ variable functions inside the block order_cart.
  • Now if the order is failed the basked content is restored.
  • Now the Orders created from Admin side are always included in Statistics.
  • Now it is possible to search with full name in Order Manager.
  • Sorting of the order list in the order management now works with order numbers too.
  • Now order_basket block is working in same places where order_cart block is working currently.
  • Customer import now allows adding custom customer numbers to the new customers.
  • Now in customer import, 0 is not used any more as customer number.
  • Now it's possible to search for orders after entering value and pressing enter button.
  • Admin login is stable now on WebLogic platform.
  • Variables: $date_year$, $date_month$, $date_day$, $date_hour$, $date_minutes$, $date_seconds$ are working now in a message templates.
  • Now passwords are displayed as stars on the customer registration page.
  • Added 'Insert table' button to the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Added rounding to decimal points for VAT in product coupon when constructing the order notification message.
  • Now folder name in filemanager should contain only ASCII characters. Quotes and double quotes are forbidden, directory name also should not be relative.
  • Now the WS GUI window reloads when the Prinetti template pop-up editor unloads.
  • It's now possible to use smaller images than thumbnail constraints.
Bug fixes

There were several bugfixes implemented in this version, including the following:

  • Now if product isn't removed completely from database, and user tries to copy/paste group containing this product, there's no error and invalid association is removed from database.
  • Relation between currencies cannot be negative.
  • Encoding encryptions now work fine in estonian payments.
  • On customer registration modification page, non-required questions with validation can be empty.
  • WYSIWYG editor works better with IE6.
  • Now order listing in Administration interface doesn't crash if there are a lot of orders.
  • Now "Loading..." message on orders/orders/select customer page finishes, when loading is finished.
  • Now all transaction data can be searched with Payment Transaction Search.
  • Now Payment / Payment Gateway settings values are changed on form submit. The change is visibly only after a clicking a tab to refresh the page.
  • Workspace calculates pricerules correctly when signing in as a customer.
  • Groupletter's delete button now is working properly in the 2 stage of wizard.
  • Now there's no crash when trying to read filled basket during customer registration by logged customer.
  • Special characters in LuottokuntaPayment's order description are displayed correctly.
  • Now delivery code changes when order delivery method is changed.
  • When importing products cvs-file with duplicated itemCodes, there's a proper error message displayed to user.
  • In Product Tree Structure WAE, when font is changed, now it can be previewed properly.
  • Now there's no crash in old product import, when csvpolitics value is null.
  • Now customer is redirected back to registration form page if the answer validation does not pass.
  • Link element of file link type in file select box now shows all available files from filemanager and does not show directories.
  • Product image uploads now always remove existing thumbnail.
  • Now file links that link to the image files do not show contents of a image, but image itself.
  • Now the message template modify does not insert incorrect emails. Added check for return path field.
  • Now show/hide button in product's search results is working properly.
  • If only 'Other receivers' field is filled with multiple receivers emails, emails are sent correctly.
  • Now automatically saved baskets aren't deleted at customer login.
  • Product spot now displays the default alt-text only in tandem with the default image.
  • Now if customer group used in groupletter is deleted, groupletter wizard pages do not crash.
  • Now default product picture alt-text is shown with default product picture on Product List element.
  • WYSIWYG editor page now always has scrollbars.
  • Default thumbnails are now updated when new default image is uploaded.
  • Now the next type id for custom Question is determined by all the custom Questions in database for given organization.
  • The special characters in Visual -> Thenemes -> Notification should be now viewed correctly.
Workspace version 1.11.1
New features
  • In password protection WAE settings it is possible now to set not to redirect customer to first page after login.
  • It is possible now to add product tree element to any page.
  • Identifications list enables now search with identified customer data.
  • It is possible now to configure Tree Structure element with CSS.
  • Product import now allows to have not all product fields in CSV file.
  • New variable $order_answer_country_code$ is added for code of the country.
  • Variable $order_answer_country$ now returns country name, not country code.
  • Scrolling in FreeHTML now works depending on opened window size.
  • Stock amount field allows positive, negative and 0 numbers, it is possible also to leave it empty.
  • Img element in wysiwyg editor now use pictures not only from filemanager root, but also from subfolders.
Bug fixes

There were several bugfixes implemented in this version, including the following:

  • Product tree element does not print any more empty li elements.
  • Direct marketing question does not print out always no answer on registration confirm page.
  • Customers search field "Total sum of orders" now works with logical characters.
  • Group letter product blocks now fill product variables even if there is no customers defined.
  • FileManager now properly handles audio and video formats.
  • Problems with postgreSQL database are fixed.
  • Product import updates all product fields correctly.
  • Fixed bug when cut and paste product group to new parent group, that has already subgroup with the same name as copied group.
  • Now coupon group is deleted, when all coupons of this group were deleted while deleting filtered coupons.
  • Now user is notified when Luottokunta transaction check returns wrong server response.
Workspace version 1.11
New features
  • Auto thumbnails generation from uploaded product pictures.
  • Every textarea have wysiwyg editor in it.
  • It is possible now to check Luottokunta transactions.
  • PDF-version from manual.
  • Improved product import/export. Now user can describe file encoding and choose import root folder.
  • Now advanced search allow customers to include product options as search parameters.
  • Possibility to use different product blocks in GroupLetter mails.
  • New payment: S-pankki.
  • In Password protection WAE settings, you can now also set the URL where the customer is redirected after login.
  • Sampo payment upgraded according to latest interface specification. New finnish Sampo payment check is implemented.
  • GroupLetter blacklist and marketing checks are now active by default.
  • Manual now displays the parent chapter of the current chapter as a link.
  • Added new wysiwyg editor to groupletter, filemanager's text editor and product group editor.
  • The coupon generation is now restricted by 1000 for small business edition.
  • Uploaded file size limit is now 100Mb.
Bug fixes

There were several bugfixes implemented in this version, including the following.

  • Filemanager now properly handles zip files that don't have separate directory entries by creating the directories on demand.
  • Fixed bug occurred when searching products by vat %.
  • In some cases, HtmlEditor added doctype to html, even it was already set.
  • Added check for invalid responce from Prinetti.
  • Fixed error, when customer tried to restore order that already has been deleted by admin.
  • Fixed problem downloading pdf file in prinetti in IE.
  • Now product field "in stock" is allowed to be empty.
  • Now the child groups in advanced search are also included in search.
  • Non-ascii characters like � and � in emails sent by Workspace now properly.
  • Now in FreeHtml element's file selector only text containing files can be selected.
  • Fixed bug, that caused shop to be invalidated after using tinymce editor on it.
  • Fixed wysiwyg free page slowness bug.
Workspace version 1.10.1
  • Handelsbanken payment system improved.
  • Handelsbanken Identification service URL changed.
Bug fixes
  • Users rights can not be rewritten any more if user after login has been redirected on users modifying page.
Workspace version 1.10
New features
  • System module
    • The settings for the Workspace plug-ins can now be edited using the editor in the administrator's application.
  • Product module
    • Now it is possible to configure two different types of product amount rounding logic, if products are ordered in factors in the web shop.
  • Order module
    • Now it is possible to automatically recalculate the order's delivery cost at the administrator's application.
    • A new type of Workspace event is now invoked for the orders, which have been created by an online payment, but which have not been confirmed in 2 hours.
    • More specific order creation event types are triggered, which allows the merchant to configure different behaviour for orders payd offline and online.
  • Customer module
    • Now it is possible to configure the web shop to remember logged on customers by a cookie and automatically log them on the next visit.
    • Now it is possible to configure several types of answer validation logic for the order and registration forms.
  • Marketing module
    • Group letter now is able to fill the product related variables in the e-mail templates. The products, whose data is used for variable substitution, can be specified during the group letter wizard.
    • GroupLetter sending statistic and process status is now shown at the GroupLetter's Wizard's first page.
  • Visual module
    • File manager now supports multiple file uploads and direct editing of the text files.
    • The editor for the FreeHTML WAE now supports direct editing of the associated template file.
    • Now it is possible to associate web shop themes with a price group, which allows the shop have different prices for the same products in the different themes.
    • A new type of custom page is added to the visual module, which can be directly edited using a WYSIWYG editor.
    • Now it is possible to use FreeHTML variables in the notification messages.
  • Payment module
    • New payment: Nordea Nettiluotto.
  • Other
    • The administrator's application's login now remembers the preferred language by using a permanent cookie.
    • The administrator's application now redirects the user back to the last used page, if the user has relogged on right after session expiration.
    • Now the administrator's application displays "Please wait..." indicators when time-consuming actions are taken.
    • The administrator's application's textareas now dynamically resize based on the content.
Bug fixes

There were several bugfixes implemented in this version, including the following.

  • Now client does not crash, when invalid FreePage parameters are given. (WS-541)
  • The group letter is much faster with large number of customers. (WS-530)
  • Product added to shopping cart from product spot now displays proper group in the statistics. (WS-464)
Workspace version 1.9.1
New features
  • Support for the ClickandBuy payment method is added.
  • New question type for asking the registration code of the company is added.
  • Now it is possible to modify the id of a custom question.
  • Estonian Sampo payment integration is updated to redirect to the changed URL of the bank (
Bug fixes

There were several bugfixes implemented in this version, including the following.

  • Now the testing mode is not marked as required in the Prinetti integration settings (WS-537).
  • The VAT rate of the payment resp. delivery method is now recalculated when a different payment resp. delivery method is selected in the Order modification page (WS-534).
  • Now in the payment transaction statistics page the sums are formatted using the currency settings defined by the administrator. (WS-533).
  • Now the #block order_basket in the message templates is filled with shopping cart items in the same order as those were put into the cart (WS-529).
  • Now delivery method select input in order form works properly, when the delivery method name contains non-ASCII7 characters (WS-528).
  • Now it is not possible to configure a non-positive value for the conversion rate of the web shop's currencies in the administrator's application (WS-526).
  • Now the "Add limitations" textarea in the GroupLetter wizard uses line break as the e-mail separator (WS-525).
  • Now administrator cannot delete own's account (WS-521).
  • Customer's ordering statistics are now properly updated, if related orders are modified or restored in the order module (WS-333).
Workspace version 1.9
New features
  • System module
    • In Wosbee version only one single Workspace user is allowed.
    • Only character a-z and 0-9 are allowed in the user ids for new Workspace users.
  • Product module
    • VAT regions and categories replace the old way of including VAT rates directly in the product data.
  • Order module
    • Support for the Prinetti services.
  • Customer module
    • Message templates now support several copies of the same template block.
    • Variable $customer_number$ is available in message templates.
    • Message sending functionality is added to the Customer info page.
    • "Product is out of stock" event is now triggered. A message template is added for it.
  • Marketing module
    • New improved group letter.
  • Visual module
    • New webshop page and WAE is added for password recovery.
    • New webshop page is added for search results.
    • New variables have been added to the ShoppingCart WAE, ProductCard, ProductList, ProductSpot WAE.
    • Wish list feature - Wishlist page, Wishlist WAE, Wishlist notifications.
    • Added new variables to the FreeHTML WAE for printing out order form questions.
  • Payment module
    • New payment: DIBS.
    • New payment: 2CheckOut.
    • New payment: NordeaDueDatePayment.
    • New payment: OKODueDatePayment.
    • Payment refunding for Nordea and OKO.
    • Shipping (delivery) methods can now have price rules configured, which calculate the delivery cost based on weight or order total sum in addition to the base price.
  • OpenInterface
    • Mail sending functionality added.
Bug fixes
  • Copying and moving products works only on the first page of the group. (WS-436)
  • Customer registration stops working after one registration. (WS-469)
  • PayPal validation fails due to encoding failure. (WS-512)
  • Template variable $cart_total_no_vat$ is missing. (WS-505)
  • DIBS payment MD5 hash fails. (WS-498)
  • Customer import crashes. (WS-494)
  • Contract pricing upload crashes. (WS-492)
  • Order history shows hidden questions. (WS-431)
  • Hidden required custom question blocks order creation in webshop. (WS-404)
  • Workspace doesn't work with MySQL 4.1. (WS-221)
  • If using invoice or cash on delivery payment, empty orders can be made at shop. (WS-15)
  • Although order has been cancelled, it is still displayed at order's statistics. (WS-101)
Workspace version 1.8.3
  • Support for the new Luottokunta DMP HTML v1.0 payment interface.
  • New URL for �landsbanken payment method
  • Some minor bug fixes.
Workspace version 1.8.2
New features
  • Last changed dates added to customers.
  • Eight new ready-made themes.
Bug fixes
  • Template variable $customer_answer_direct_marketing$ not working. (WS-490)
  • Contents of the saved carts disappear. (WS-489)
  • Error on order modification page. (WS-488)
  • Error in ITransact payment if all the expected questions were not present. (WS-491)
  • Some issues with MySQL 5 fixed.
Workspace version 1.8.1
New features
  • Cross sell feature for promoting associated products in your shop.
  • Individual WAEs can be given descriptive names in the page editor.
  • Contents of customer's shopping cart can be preserved between logins.
  • Workspace 1.8.1 is fully compatible with MySQL 5.
  • Automatic preview texts. Text info 1 can be automatically shortened in product list.
  • Small Business Edition now supports multiple user accounts in the Administration Interface.
  • Small Business Edition now supports multiple themes (although only one can be active at a time).
  • Improved error reporting in Web Shop.
Bug fixes
  • CSV export doesn't support SSL encryption with IE (WS-16)
  • Administration Interface displays misleading error messages when session has expired (WS-386)
  • Cannot use Google Checkout in sandbox (WS-485)
Workspace version 1.8
New features
  • Coupons. With coupons the merchant can give customers a variety of discounts.
    • Coupons can be made to be valid for a certain period of time
    • Discounts can be based on percents or fixed values
    • A coupon can be assigned to a certain customer
  • Improved message sending in order administration
    • Messages can be sent with two clicks
    • HTML-printouts (like a packing slip) can be done with two clicks
    • Customized messages can be sent more easily
    • All sent messages and print-requests are saved to the order's history
  • New user manual
    • Manual interface is now more user friendly
    • All Workspace variables can be viewed in one place
    • Manual includes search functionality
  • Workspace now comes with 10 ready-made themes
  • Visual module
    • Files in the filemanager can now be sorted by name, size, type or upload date
    • New option to redirect customer to the shopping cart once a product has been added to basket
  • Products module
    • A default picture and picture alt text can be assigned to products
    • Product options can now be printed as a list in the product list template
    • Product group description editor has been updated
  • Customers module
    • A theme can now be assigned directly to a customer without customer group connection
  • System module
    • System module displays all plugins that are in use
  • New payment systems
    • Google Checkout
    • Tapiola
  • Luottokunta payment improvement
    • For improved security, MAC-check must be enabled in Luottokunta's administration for this payment method to work.
  • Free HTML variables can be used in Payment Confirmation WAE
Bug fixes
  • Product export: when all products were selected from all groups, only a maximum of 500 products could be downloaded. (WS-397)
  • Problem with Luottokunta unique stamp generation. (WS-448)
  • Customer import allowed importing duplicate customers with the same user id. (WS-444)
  • Property jdbc.port did not work correctly in Workspace properties file. (WS-421)
  • Some product variables did not work correctly. (WS-423)
  • With some payment methods, a cancelled payment was marked "pending" instead of "cancelled". (WS-419)
  • Payment Gateway did not work with organizations in a virtual host. (WS-426)
  • Identification Gateway doesn't work if installed into virtualhost. (WS-427)
  • Excess orders with "cancelled" status were created if customer moved between the webshop and the bank's payment service using the back button, and then proceeded to make the same order again. (WS-265)
  • Adding a product to shopping cart moved the page view to the first page of a paginated product list. (WS-338)
  • Order of custom pages changed in drop down lists in the page editor. (WS-413)
  • Direct login after customer registration did not work. (WS-470)
Workspace version 1.7
New features
  • New improved Visual module for page construction
    • Enables creating custom pages with WAEs directly from the Visual module
  • Webshop can be made to be fully valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
    • 2 new standards compliant default themes using CSS stylesheets for appearance
    • Product groups can now be shown more flexibly by using an unordered list and styling it with css
  • Extended support for integrations
    • Ready-made integration with SugarCRM
    • Ready-made integration with Procountor
    • Ready-made integration with NetBaron
    • Ready made integration with Froogle & eBay
    • SAP Connector Pack upgraded to version 1.1
  • New payment systems:
    • Added Danish Nordea
    • Added ChronoPay
  • New Identification Gateway API as a part of Payment Module.
    Gateway provides a remote interface for customers identification in the web through a Web Service calls. Identification vendors available using TUPAS standard of the Finnish Banker's Association:
    • Sampo
    • Nordea
    • Osuuspankki
    • Sp/Pop
  • More flexible configuration of currencies
    • Decimal separator can now be defined for displaying product prices in webshop.
    • In addition to currency code used in Payment Gateway, webshop's visible currency label can now be defined freely.
  • A bit easier installation
    • Windows installer now attempts to set up JAVA_HOME, CATALINA_HOME and CLASSPATH environment variables automatically if any of the variable values is empty (unspecified).
    • Webshop URL-address can now be changed from Workspace administration in addition to the installer.
Bug fixes
  • Order modification form does not accept comma as decimal separator for prices. (WS-398)
  • After downloading contract pricing list, the products module was not accessible.(WS-405)
  • Logged customer personal info page displays unknown input field. (WS-395)
Workspace version 1.6
New features
  • New languages added to Administration Interface:
    • Swedish
    • Russian
  • Extended support for payment systems:
    • Luottokunta interface updated.
    • Added Finland Sonera (Sonera Laajakaistalasku)
    • Added Sweden Handelsbanken
    • Added Sweden Nordea
    • Added Latvian Hansabanka
    • Added Latvian Nordea
  • Extended support for integrations:
  • Advanced Search feature
  • Discounts can be given to orders in the Administration interface
  • Administrator's Login Form warns, when it is requested over a insecure connection
  • Displaying and restoring of deleted orders in orders/search
  • Improvements in client questions visual mode
Bug fixes
  • Customer's import doesn't crash, when proceed without selecting csv-file first.(WS-350)
  • Manual doesn't claim, that in installer you can define order and customer numbering sequence.(WS-361)
  • Removed CustomPayment method doesn't cause errors on order administration, if some orders done using this custom payment.(WS-363)
  • Typo fixed in luottokunta's finnish receipt.(WS-364)
  • Sent-back parameters encoding problem fixed in PayPal.(WS-367)
  • Inventory related data getting resetted in OpenInterface product update.(WS-368)
  • Product variables are now written to order email messages also.(WS-371)
  • Order variables are now written to payment confirmation even when the order was not succesfully paid.(WS-374)
  • Selected values for product options are now matched only with the corresponding choices.(WS-375)
Workspace version 1.5.1
New features
  • New supported payment services:
    • EstCard: Service provider in electronic banking environment in Estonia
    • Ogone: International payment platform supported in many countries including Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland and United Kingdom
  • Contract Pricing. Now you can set overriding price rules for customers or customers groups.
  • New languages supported by Administration Interface: Estonian, Dutch, German and French.
  • Prices can now be rounded to less decimals than is shown.
  • Extended support for integrations:
    • Open Interface API now exports product data (XML)
    • Free HQL (Hibernate) queries via Open Interface API allow complex selection criteria for product and order related data. Query result iteration improves scalability.
    • Connector Packs for Exact and Compiere ERP systems now available. See Connector Pack descriptions at OpenSyncro download page.
Bug fixes
  • Group direct link without group code doesn't cause errors anymore. (WS-323)
  • Product direct link without item code doesn't cause errors anymore. (WS-324)
  • TinyMCE editor handles <iframe> html-elements correctly. (WS-328)
  • PayPal payment method doesn't redirect payments into Test environment. (WS-334)
  • When using directlink to access products or groups, previously opened groups are not closed anymore in the group tree. (WS-327)
  • Setting item code for an product option choice doesn't cause errors anymore. (WS-352)
  • Already cancelled orders are now restored if customer manages to return to the payment service (using back button etc.) and pay succesfully. (WS-335)
Workspace Developer Edition version 1.5

The new version includes major improvements to the products and payments modules. Also some new template based action elements are included. Features like quick order and amount based discounts make it easier to build even more effective webshops.

System module
  • Database cleaning functionality. Now you can remove all your products, customers, orders and webshop statistics. It is now easy to clean up your testing orders and customers. Statistics and orders can be removed between any given dates.
  • Order and customer number sequense can reset via system module.
  • User's (administration interface) login name can now be changed.
Products module
  • Products can now belong to multiple product groups. If you have the same product in multiple groups you only need to make changes to the product in one group. This will ease product management because you don't have to copy same changes to every group.
  • Every product has a unique item code. Duplicate item codes are now forbidden. This feature is especially important with integrations.
  • Possibility to add discounts which are based on the amount of products ordered. This feature helps you to create interesting campaigns.
Visual module and Webshop
  • New template based shopping cart action element. This element replaces the old shopping cart element and the small basket element. With HTML template, CSS stylesheets and Workspace variables you can now design your shopping cart as you wish.
  • New template based password action element. Element replaces the old password element. More flexibility with login and password fields.
  • Logout redirection URL can now be defined in the password element settings.
  • New Quick Order page. B2B customers can now easily make orders just by filling in product item codes and amounts.
  • Customergroup based discounts are now applied even if the Customer adds the products to the cart before logging in.
  • Direct Link now works with the item code's defined in product options. Product page now preselects the correct product option if referred by the option's item code.
Payment module
  • New improved payment module gives you more information on a single payment transaction. Every event related to the payment transaction is saved and can be later viewed. Also improved receipt creation for credit card customers and new payment transaction related template variables are available.
  • Payment module now has remoting possibility through a Web Services interface.
  • New payment vendors: Handelsbanken (FI), �landsbanken (FI)
  • Updated payment vendors:
    • PayPalPayment payment form now compatible with IPN version 1.6 (current version).
    • Visa Electron logos now displayed optionally on order form if service is activated in Luottokunta. Added checkbox into Luottokunta's administration GUI.
Other features
  • Updated TinyMCE editor to v1.45 (2005-06-23)
  • Library update: Hibernate3
  • Improved logging (Log4J and custom override method to enable smart logging)
  • OpenInterface error messages now state what type of data was being imported or exported (products/customers/orders). It is also reported whether the error (other than the standard AccessDeniedException) occured during database authentication or while (un)marshalling XML objects.
Bug fixes
  • Template lines starting with a '#' character but not containing a template command, are displayed in the client (WS-298)
  • Default value for country code is now set correctly in registration form also. (WS-288)
  • ProductList now shows all pictures from the product. (WS-286)
  • No more wrong prices when restoring carts (WS-275 & WS-276)
  • Help for dealing 'DirectLink problems with special characters' are added to manual. Howto configure Tomcat5 (WS-314)
  • Linkelement's 'Clear Cart' button works now with IE6 also. (WS-238)
  • Statistics pages are now updated after modifying an order. (WS-313)
  • Product import now sets product fields automatically, if new products are imported. (WS-181)
  • "Create new customer" page doesn't increment the next customer ID on every reload. (WS-252)
  • Product management doesn't crash any more if no product group was selected prior to clicking Cut/Copy/Paste/Modify/Delete buttons (WS-271)
  • Statistics pages (Summaries and Favourites) doesn't crash any more after the query form was posted and the same page was immediately re-entered via navigation frame menu (WS-277)
  • Product import doesn't fail, if some of the product's pricerules are set to 0% (WS-242)
  • No more mix up between Picture5 and Picture4 written in csv-file (WS-264)
  • Importing products to root groups are now prohibited.(WS-280)
  • OpenInterface doesn't leak the XML-marshaller warnings to the console (WS-270)
  • Product export doesn't crash, when TAB was selected as delimiter. (WS-318)

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.4

The new version includes a lot of new major features and bugfixes.

New features
  • Inventory management is now included by default. Products can be hidden based on their availability. Also a warning text can be shown if the inventory amount is getting low. The inventory management also supports optionbased inventory amounts and hiding those options that are not available. Product inventory amounts can be updated automatically on order creation and when the order is modified. The inventory management also supports updating the amounts when the order is cancelled or the ordered items are modified in the administration interface.
  • An order history can now be represented for registered customers. The registered customer can browse their previous orders and see related information about the order. The ordered items can also be restored back to the current shopping basket for making a new order. The order history is also a good way to keep the customer better informed with their order's processing. Registered customers can also save their current shopping basket for later use with the new Saveable basket feature.
  • Searching orders has been largely improved. The new search supports also searching by reference number or by ordered item's information.
  • Automatic emails can now be sent when the customer's information has been modified.
  • Mass removing of customers and a feature to reset the customer number sequence. It's now more easy to clean the testing customers before opening the shop to the public.
  • Products can now be forced to be ordered only in specified amounts. For example you can configure a product to be ordered only groups of 4. Thus the customer could only order the product in the amounts of 4,8,12,16, etc.
  • Upgraded most of the used 3rd party libraries to newer versions.
  • Destinations of automatic emails can be configured by using template variables. For example a notification about a new order by a customer can now be automatically sent to the customer's contact person.
  • Pictures and item codes can now be links to the product page in ProductLists and ProductPromotion WAEs. We have found that most users automatically click on the product picture when they want to see the product's page. Now this is finally supported. This also enables product promotions that include just the product pictures.
  • Workspace now has support for plugins that can be used to customize the shop. The plugins have been architected so that they don't compromise the updateability of the shop. The plugins are externally packaged jar files which can be deployed easily to a running Workspace. Customizations created by plugins include for example delivery options and pricing by customer's own business rules, advanced search options not supported by default, changing the shop flow to support one time ordering for a customer. Indeed the plugins have proved to be a good solution for providing customized behaviour so if some Workspace functionality isn't exactly what you need, we'll create a plugin!

Bug fixes
  • Shopping cart is now returned automatically when user cancels the payment operation and returns to the shop (WS-225)
  • Shop location setting in the Visual Toolkit theme now work properly (WS-205)
  • ProductListWAE's settings works now properly (WS-233)
  • Productlist works now after logging in as a customer (WS-213)
  • Messages will not sent to empty addresses anymore (WS-220)
  • Now the same locale is used both when writing and showing statistics (WS-223)
Workspace Developer Edition version 1.3.2

This version includes some bug fixes and security improvements.
  • Fixed WS-201: HTML entities appear in order and customer answers.
  • Fixed WS-166: Solo-payment doesn't support payment system version 0003.
  • Fixed WS-11: Some product features are not supported by product template variables.
  • Fixed WS-199: Notifications 'Login failed!' and 'Forgotten password sent!' do not function.
  • Fixed WS-207: Customers export and import doesn't include all customer data.
  • Fixed WS-209: Using uploaded image files in free HTML elements doesn't work
  • Fixed WS-220: Message sending causes exceptions to logs.

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.3.1

Some bug fixes including:
  • Fixed WS-194: Customer login doesn't work with IE
  • Fixed WS-156: Product Import doubles apostrophes in csv file text fields.
  • Fixed WS-197: Sp/Pop payment crashes during order confirmation process, if merchant ID is incorrect in payment settings.
  • The new payment events are available in the message sending system also.
  • Fixed problems with filemanager's preview when the published service is in a virtual host.
  • English uninstalling instructions are now targeted for Tomcat 4.1 and upwards.

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.3

This version includes the following new features:
  • Improved customer registration process including functionality for sending forgotten passwords to customers.
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor embedded in the product group editor.
  • DirectLink is a short and simple link for pointing directly to some product or productgoup in the shop. The link is useful for marketing purposes, for example banner advertising. The link opens the shop directly with the selected product's information.
  • Improved Elogi support
  • Support for Estonian Nordea payment
  • Individual 'order paid'-events for every payment method
  • Product and product group template tags are now available in the free HTML element
  • Unified template tag naming. Also the old tag names are still supported for compatibility
  • Workspace program names are now localized
  • Maximum file size in the filemanager has been changed from 500 kB to 10 MB
Fixed bugs:
  • WS-145: Customer Manager allows customers with same userid.
  • WS-163: "-character in product options causes problems in the output of the published service
  • WS-178: Message template's tag $order_total_vat$ isn't formatted correctly
  • WS-179: Tag $order_payment_method$ doesn't show payment name but payment id
  • WS-186: Customer question of type MultiSelect doesn't work on registration form
  • WS-191: 'File not found' when using included files in the published service

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.2.3

  • IMPORTANT! Due to Sampo payment system update, v1.2.3 does not support Sampo payment until 23.8.2004. Workspace should be upgraded to version 1.2.3 not later than 21.9.2004. After 21.9.2004 previous versions of Workspace will not support Sampo payment any more.
    For more information about Sampo update check
  • Fix for bug WS-131: Registration form and order form Input fields answers are not encoded correctly.
  • Fix for bug WS-171: Products will disappear from order, if customer logs out from shop, after order confirmation.
  • Fix for bug WS-172: Linkelement of type 'modify personal data' generates data modification form without customer's data.
  • Fix for bug WS-173: When trying to change tab from message template editor or from send customer email editor, Internet Explorer reports about javascript error and tab doesn't change.

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.2.2

  • Fix for bug WS-157: In some payment methods the prices may be sent in a wrong format
  • Fix for bug WS-159: Free HTML variables $basketSum$ and $basketSumWithoutVat$ show the prices in the wrong format
  • Fix for bug WS-165: Luottokunta payment method doesn't accept any payments
  • Fix for bug WS-167: Payment checking doesn't work with Solo
  • Fix for bug WS-168: Database connections are left open

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.2.1

  • Fix for bug WS-2: The published service crashes if a template based product list or a product spot has been created but not edited
  • Fix for bug WS-137: Product search fails when theme's root group isn't chosen
  • Fix for bug WS-143: Admin interface isn't working when using non-default database user
  • Fix for bug WS-136: Exiting in section error isn't possible in the installer
  • Fix for bug WS-135: Installer doesn't remember organization specific values
  • Fix for bug WS-140: Groupletter sending fails, if email address contains whitespaces
  • Fix for bug WS-100: Unnamed product options cause the publisher service to crash
  • Fix for bug WS-149: Search-element crashes if the root group for search has been deleted
  • Fix for bug WS-124: Productgroup roots lack visibility information in Products Marketing Engine
  • Fix for bug WS-153: Users with special characters in their user IDs cannot be removed

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.2

This version includes some major changes in the way the application is deployed under Tomcat in order to improve maintainability. All the third party libararies used are now kept inside the web application WAR-files, for example. However these changes shouldn't affect Developer Edition users very much. Other changes and bug fixes include:
  • Support for RediEFT in ITransact payment method
  • Added Open Interface that makes possible to access Workspace using SOAP. Currently only order export is implemented.
  • Products under hidden groups don't show up in the product search anymore
  • Hidden product groups are not shown in the product group dropdown element anymore.
  • Cancelled orders won't show up in the statistics
  • Last-Modified and Content-Length headers are included in the response when downloading files to enable caching of product pictures, for example
  • Tree structure WAE's attribute 'Select product group visible for current theme' now works
  • Product and order prices in the exported CSV files are now rounded correctly according to the Currencies settings
  • Payment and delivery costs are now included in the order export
  • Fixed a bug causing the published service to crash when customer logs out
  • Fixed a bug preventing customer to modify her information in a password protected service

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.1.2

  • Fixed the bug in the calculation of the shopping cart's total sum when the quantity of products is changed.
  • Fixed the crashing of the customer email preview when the email address question was missing.
  • Replaced the old logo of the cash on delivery payment method with a new one.

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.1.1

This version contains the following bug fixes:
  • Customer logout element doesn't crash anymore when the first name and last name questions are missing
  • Option dependent item codes now function properly
  • The FTP-library required by the eLogi-integration is now included
  • Uploaded product pictures are now copied along with the product
  • Customer's statistics are now updated when creating a customer from a order, changing order or linking it with a different customer
  • Special characters are now encoded correctly in product options in the publisher service

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.1

  • Now it's also possible to make a service without frames
  • Improved page selection system in Visual Toolkit
  • You can freely customize the contents of all the messages sent to the customers and administrator. You can automate the message sending based on internal events.
  • Payment methods are freely customizable. Payment methods can be re-arranged and new custom payment methods can be added. Payment methods can be internal or external.
  • Delivery methods can be internal or external.
  • Questions can be internal, unmodifiable or modifiable in the published service
  • New orders can be created in the administration interface.
  • Order management has two order status groups - handling and payment. Both are fully customizable.
  • Order's status changes are logged in the order history.
  • You can use variables of the in free-html elements, such as the current date or the name of the customer who has logged in.
  • New link element replaces several old link type elements, for example the "View cart"-element. With the new link element you can also link to the frontpage and to the files in filemanager.
  • Files in the filemanager can be shown in the published service.
  • The passwords of the users of the administration interface are now encrypted in the database.
  • Support for the Elogi logistics system of Finland Post Corporation.
  • Uninstalling instructions included in the manual.

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.0.2

  • Purchase price and profit fields are returned to product card
  • Maximum and minimum order amount restrictions for products can now be activated
  • CSV export for orders
  • Possibility to integrate your shop with financial software
  • Shopping cart won't be emptied anymore after an aborted payment
  • Search criteria bug in customer list has been fixed

Workspace Developer Edition version 1.0.1

  • Improved product management with number of new product fields
  • Multiple price groups for products
  • Product options can affect the price
  • Possibility to create new root product groups
  • Multiple pictures and files per product
  • Price group can be assigned for a customer group
  • Possibility to define product list as a HTML template
  • Product page for displaying more detailed info on an individual product
  • Product spot element
  • Elements can now be added to the front page
  • Graphical installer
  • Support for new payment methods: ITransAct, PayPal,, U-POS, estonian Sampo and Krediidipank
  • Manual in English included

Workspace Developer Edition version 0.9.5

  • CSV import function for customer data added to Customer Manager
  • Possibility to upload product pictures added to Product Manager
  • Possibility to upload HTML files and use them in free HTML elements added to Visual Toolkit
  • Default directory for product pictures added for each theme in Visual Toolkit
  • Help in finnish added
  • Feedback form added to the entry page
  • ECS version updated to 1.4.1
  • Fixed character encoding problems in some pages

Workspace Developer Edition version 0.9.4

  • Support for MySQL Connector/J version 3.0
  • Database and the web pages now use UTF-8 encoding
  • Fixed the customer group deselecting bug in WWW-appearance settings
  • In small cart settings product name's length limit is now available to set
  • Checkbox type questions now give language specific answers
  • Changes to the administration interface's appearance

Workspace Developer Edition version 0.9.3

Changes to the installer:
  • Fixed the 'broken pictures after upgrade' bug
  • Tomcat home directory is not asked anymore, instead the CATALINA_HOME environment variable is used.
  • Revised installation instructions.
  • Nothing is written to the current directory during the installation anymore.
No changes to the actual Workspace software.

Workspace Developer Edition version 0.9.2

Some refactoring of the shop. Fixed found security flaws concerning some inadequately validated input parameters which made SQL injection possible in the shop. Also performance was increased.

Workspace Developer Edition version 0.9.1

This release has some minor fixes in Order Manager.

Workspace Developer Edition version 0.9.0

Initial version





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