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Howto display alternative product picture when the original is broken /
not available

Load a required javascript here.

The script identifies if the picture is not present and displays an alternative picture.

Upload the script into Workspace using file manager:
Visual -> Tools -> Filemanager

Load the script on your page placing the following script between the <head> and </head> tags in your HTML template:

<script src="files/organization/html/checkload.js"></script>

Where the organisation is the organisation name of your Workspace.

Go to the product list page:
Visual -> WWW-outlook -> Page construction -> Product List

And place the following script where you want the picture to be loaded:

<img src="$product_itemcode$.gif" lowsrc="" onload="checkLoad(this)" border="0">

Modify the URLs and create default.jpg which is shown if the original picture ($product_itemcode$.gif) cannot be viewed (missing or broken).

Notice that here we assume that all product pictures are in the format $product_itemcode$.gif but if they are not, you have to modify the script to match your needs.

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