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Howto create an invoice using Workspace message templates

The easiest way to create an invoice is to create a Workspace message template for it so
you can send the bill to your (or your customer's) mailbox from the Order Management module in Workspace.

Creating the HTML message template

The message templates can be found from:
Customers > Settings > Message Settings > Message templates
Click "New" and then "Modify". It opens a new window:

Fill in the required information:

Name = the name of this template, e.g. "BILL"
From = the e-mail address of the sender, e.g. ""
Reply to = the e-mail address of the sender, e.g. ""
Subject = the subject of the email, e.g. "Bill for order #$order_id$"
Send to customer = if you want this message to be sended as an email to customer, check this option. (usually the bill is sent via post or as a PDF-file).
Send to users = select the receiving Admin users, e.g. Demo User
Other receivers = if the receiving address does not belong to any of the the Admin users, type here the e-mail address, e.g. "".
HTML text as attachment = the HTMl code is sent as an attachment file. (usually yes)
Attachment name = the name of the HTML file, e.g. "bill.html"

Message template (plaintext) = usually left empty, the actual bill is constructed using HTML template. How ever you can type here e.g. "Here is the bill for order #$order_id$, please open and print the attachment file.

Message (HTML) = here comes the HTML code that constructs the bill.
See the below example code.
The available variables can be found from the Workspace Manual.

Example HTML code for the message template

Download an example code for FINNISH invoice .
(right-click and save as..)

English version coming soon, but you can also easily modify the Finnish example file to match your own needs.

Sending / printing the invoice
You can send the bill to your (or your customer's) mailbox from the Order Management module in Workspace.

Go to: Orders > Orders > Orders / Search
Click the order number and click a button labeled "Send message".
Select the bill template and send the message.

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