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HOWTO modify products using Excel

There are three ways to manage product information:

1. Using Workspace Product Management tools
(Products > Products > Products)

2. Using Workspace Export / Import functions
(Products > Tools > Export / Import)

3. Using integrations between Workspace and another system
(Using pre-built integrations or creating new ones with OpenSyncro)

In this article we concentrate on updating the product information via Export / Import functions. We can export product informations from Workspace into CSV file. This CSV file can be opened in Microsoft Excel (for example) and the file includes all product information. Changes can be made into the CSV file using Excel and when we are ready, we can import the CSV file back to Workspace and the product information will be updated.

The usage of export / import functions is wise i.g. when we have thousands of products and we want to make batch adjustments to many of them and we want to advantage of Excels functions.

Creating many new products is also easy using export / import functions, you just need to create new rows into the CSV file using Excel.

If you need help with other features regarding the product management, see HOWTO index for more articles, check the online manual for instructions or contact us to ask directly from us.

Page 1: Settings for export
Page 2: Exporting products, saving the CSV file, editing the CSV file with Excel
Page 3: Importing products
Page 4: Settings for import
Page 5: Finishing import

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