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Creating a frameless template for the web-shop - Designing the layout

One of the great things in Workspace is that there are no limits when it comes to designing your own layout for the web-shop. The advanced tools and template-based building methods of Workspace give you the possibility make the shop look unique and custom-designed.

Usually the actual building of web-shop starts with workshops held with stakeholders and a graphic designer or concept designer who designs the layout and basic elements to be used.

This process can be devided for example into four steps:

1. Design the basic structure and color set to be used in your store.

2. Place the logo, graphics and other visual elements that will take place in your shop.

3. Design the layout of product list, product page, frontpage and other views.

4. Add the basic web-shop elements, such as search, product-tree, shopping cart, login etc.

After the graphical design and concept planning is ready, it is time to make a HTML template based on these designs.

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