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Creating a frameless template for the web-shop - Setting Workspace variables

After you have created a fully working HTML-template for your web-shop layout, you are ready to take it into use in Workspace.
Go to: Visual -> WWW-outlook -> Structure -> FrameFree
And you should see a text-area that holds in it a default HTML-template that is used in the web-shop.

You should copy-paste the HTML-source of your HTML-template including <html> and <head> sections.

The parts (or blocks) of your HTML-template that will include functional elements - such as login, search or product tree - should be taken apart from the HTML-template and replaced with special Workspace variables that indicate placements of these elements in your web-shop. These variables are $top$, $left$, $bottom$ and $main$.

For example if you have generated a HTML-code for the login-area, replace this HTML-code with variable $left$ and place the login code into Workspace Action Element (WAE) found at:
Visual -> WWW-outlook -> Page construction -> Left
-> Password.

The following picture presents the basic idea of applying HTML-templates, that is, using the HTML-template and replacing functional parts with Workspace variables:

Here are some suggestions on how you can place the four main variables:

Variable Indicates placement for
$top$ Order basket (maybe login and search also)
$left$ Product tree, login, search
$bottom$ Right column or footer (e.g. top-10 lists)
$main$ This indicates placement for several functional pages (product list, product page, order pages, registration form etc.).

Notice: You do not need to use all variables.
The $main$ variable is compulsory as it points the place where all main content is viewed.

In addition to the four main variables - which indicate the place of action elements - you can also place some functional variables straight into template. Here are some of those predefined variables:

Variable Function
$cart_items_quantity$ Total quantity of products in cart
$cart_items_cost$ Total cost of products in current cart
$cart_items_cost_no_vat$ Total cost of products in current cart without VAT
$ip$ Remote user's ip address
$theme$ Current theme
$organization$ Current organization

Now the template is in place and you should start working with the WAEs found at:
Visual -> WWW-outlook -> Page construction
to configure the structure and outlook of the functional elements of your web-shop.

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