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Howto create custom pages using FreePage feature

Creating a new page

You can modify and create new pages at:
Visual -> WWW-outlook -> Page construction

This is where you see a list of every different page you currently have in your shop.

Editing a page

Workspace will launch a new editing window by clicking the icon of a page (e.g. Frontpage).
From this window you can see all the Workspace Action Elements that the page contains.
The elements are placed on the left side of the window.

You can add a new element by clicking the icon of an element you want to add.
New elements are always at the bottom of element list.
You can see descriptions of icons by moving your mouse cursor over the icons.

The order of the elements can be changed by clicking the small arrow icons next to element name.

By clicking the name of an element, you can see the contents and settings of the element.
For example by clicking a "Free HTML" element you can see the contents of this element on the right side of the window and you can edit it. Different elements have different settings and some elements cannot be used in all pages.

Linking to a custom page in your shop

After you have succesfully created a new custom page, you can preview it in your browser by adding
?pageID=18&freePage=XX to your webshop URL.
XX is the ID of the custom page ID for the new page you generated.
ID can be checked for example from Page construction page in admin interface.
Example URL:

You can create a link to a custom page using the same attributes, for example:
<a href="?pageID=18&freePage=84">Customer Service</a>

Or you can use Link elements provided by Workspace:

1) Click a page on which you want to add link (for example Left)
2) Add Link element to the pile of elements (by clicking the icon for Link)
3) Click the Link element (text-link)
4) Element properties are whown on the right side. Choose Custom page as action type and from the Select custom page dropdown select the custom page you want to link to. You should also give a text for the link in "Link text" field. For example "Customer Service".
5) Click Accept button

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