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Including content from the Workspace file manager

Files uploaded to the Workspace file manager can be included to the webshop by two different ways. First way is to include the uploaded file as a part of a Workspace page by adding a "Free HTML"-WAE to the page and selecting uploaded file from the dropdown-menu.

The same file can be included to multiple pages and in different themes too. By using this method, it's easy to separate common HTML layout to a single file. This makes it easier to update the layout. Also other common information besides layout could be separated to a single file, like the copyright statement. Below is a screenshot of including a disclaimer-file to the Bottom-page.
Screenshot of the FreeHTML-WAE

The second way to include content from the file manager, is by including the uploaded html file as a new page in the webshop. This is useful for adding common pages to your webshop like 'Terms and Conditions'. The included page is shown inside the shop in the same place that can contain the product list for example. This means that your shop's layout is there already and your page can contain only the required texts.

To add a file upload as a new page add a "Link"-WAE to your shop where you want to add the link to the included page. Change The "Link"-WAE's action type to "File link". Choose the correct target file for the new page (eg. "TermsAndConditions.html"). Add the link's text and other visual properties and save the WAE's settings. Below is an example screenshot of the "Link"-WAE.
Screenshot of the Link-WAE

Now open your webshop and click the new link. The uploaded file from file manager is shown inside the webshop.

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