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Howto point to pictures and files in File Manager

There are two options how you can store your images (and other files) you want to show on your webstore. The first option is to store them on some public folder (e.g. and then load load the files accordingly.
For example: <img src="">

The other opion is to use Workspace File Manager to store files.
Lets assume that we have all our pictures, style sheets and other files saved in the File Manager. Now we want to use them in our store.

Creating the URL

The URL to file manager is always:
where organization is the name of the installed Workspace organization and filename.end is the file to be loaded.

Example #1:
<img src="files/myshop/html/logo.gif">
This script loads a logo.gif on the page from the File Manager.

Example #2:
<link href="files/
organization/html/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
This loads a stylesheet on your page.

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