Smilehouse Workspace HOWTO Articles


Hosting and Service Providers
> HOWTO Install Workspace on Linux
> HOWTO Install Workspace on Windows
> HOWTO Install Workspace on Mac OS X
> HOWTO Upgrade from Smilehouse Workspace Developer version to Smilehouse Workspace Standard or Small Business version
> HOWTO Upgrade Workspace version
> HOWTO Uninstall Workspace

Merchant Features
> HOWTO Add products and edit product information
> HOWTO Add pictures and files to a product
> HOWTO Change sortorder of the products
> HOWTO Modify products using Excel, import/export functions
> HOWTO Use Excel more efficiently - merging cells and other useful tips
> HOWTO Hide product / productgroup
> HOWTO Use HTML-codes in product info fields
> HOWTO Clear product database / statistics / orders / customers

> HOWTO Set starting number for order/customer numbers
> HOWTO Find out what happened to a missing order/payment
> HOWTO Deal with orders which aren't automatically marked "Paid"
> HOWTO Create an invoice using message templates
> HOWTO Get Prinetti printing software
> HOWTO Get active PayPal merchant account
> HOWTO Find out what happened to a missing order/payment

Designer Features for PublishedService
> HOWTO Create a frameless template for the web-shop
> HOWTO Create an advanced search page
> HOWTO Create a TOP-10 list
> HOWTO Point to pictures and files in File Manager
> HOWTO Create custom pages using FreePage feature
> HOWTO Make a compare products - Pop-Up window
> HOWTO Open a large product picture with a darkened background (LightBox)
> HOWTO Open a large product picture in a new popup window
> HOWTO Alter the order form
> HOWTO Make a product banner carousel
> HOWTO Howto add a view/hide details button to productlist
> HOWTO Howto change shopping cart color when product is added into it
> HOWTO Show original price as crossed-out
> HOWTO Display alternative product picture when the original is broken / not available
> HOWTO Add "look also products"-section into a product page
> HOWTO Include content from the Workspace file manager
> HOWTO Use HTML-codes in product info fields
> HOWTO Make your webshop more search engine friendly
> HOWTO Use dynamic titles and dynamic meta-descriptions
> HOWTO Select recipient of order notification email from the ordering page

System Integrations
Check out for more details.

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About articles
The purpose of these articles is to give you more detailed information on how to perform specific actions using Workspace.

These articles are written by Smilehouse Workspace software specialists and web designers who use the software regularly and are developing the software.

Articles are written for shop administrators who use the Workspace administrator interface to perform everyday functions and also for web designers who build and update the user interface and graphics of the shop. We hope that these articles can guide you during the building process, updating and administrating of your web store and give you new ideas about how to take full advantage of using Smilehouse Workspace software.

New articles are being written continuously and the subjects are selected from the feedback and suggestions we get from our customers and shop administrators.

If you have suggestions for new article subjects, please contact us and share your ideas.

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