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Installing Workspace on Mac OS X - Running Workspace Installer

After installing platform softwares and setting environment variables, you are ready to run the Workspace installer.

Download the Developer version installer at or use the installer you acquired on your license CD.

New installation procedure requires that each organization has a virtualhost defined.
You should also change your network DNS settings to match with this configuration.
Create a CNAME record that points to the server

ws-serverX       IN      A       77.240.17.XXX
*.ws-serverX     IN      CNAME   ws-serverX

Installing Workspace base System

Create $WORKSPACE_HOME/client_app_base and $WORKSPACE_HOME/releases directory and place the preferred Workspace version inside it.

From $WORKSPACE_HOME directory extract the Workspace directory layout with the following command:
java -jar releases/Workspace_Standard-v(version)_shared-(build).zip

Set the database connectivity in the $WORKSPACE_HOME/conf/ and $WORKSPACE_HOME/conf/workspace_standard_(build).properties files:

Step 1/6 - JDBC Protocol Name
This is "mysql" if using MySQL.

Step 2/6 - Hostname
Usually "localhost" (database on the same computer).

Step 3/6 - TCP/IP Port
This can be left empty (default is used).

Step 4/6 - JDBC Username
This is usually "root"

Step 5/6 - JDBC Password
Check the password of databace. It is empty by default.

Step 6/6 - JDBC driver
Give the classname of your JDBC driver.
Usually: "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"

The database connection is built.

Installing Workspace Organization

Execute the installation program with terminal from folder $WORKSPACE_HOME/installers/Workspace_Standard-v(version)_shared-(build)

Create Organization
Create organization with following command: sh verkkokauppa.

Set host
Set the correct base url for the shop with following command: sh verkkokauppa

Open $WORKSPACE_HOME/ file for example like this: nano $WORKSPACE_HOME/ and map the virtualhost to organization.

Tomcat configuration
Create virtual host for the Workspace version to $CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml.

	<Host name="(build)" appBase="/home/workspace/client_app_base" unpackWARs="false">
		<Context docBase="/home/workspace/clients/workspace.client_standard_(build).war" path=""/>
	<Host name="localhost" appBase="/home/workspace/admins" unpackWARs="false">
		<Context docBase="/usr/local/tomcat5/webapps/ROOT" path=""/>

After the installation

After the installation you should restart Tomcat.
You can do this from Terminal with commands:
(if /usr/local/tomcat5/ is the path where the tomcat is installed )

The restarting of Tomcat depends on version of Mac OS X and Tomcat. So if the previous instruction doesn't cut it, refer to documentation of Tomcat and Mac OS X.

The Workspace Administration Interface should now be found at:
Depending on the options you selected while installing Workspace.

The default user name and password for the Administration Interface are user and password.

After the first login, you should change the password into something else.

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