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Creating a "Look also"-section into a product page

A common way to promote products is to create a list of related products. This is called Cross-selling.
For example on your top selling golf club you could show a list of items that go well with your club, like a golf bag to carry your equipment.

To create a "Look also"-section to the product page we first select one of the product fields to be used to store information about other products that are related to the product. Then we add a new product variable to the Product-WAE to show the contents of this field in the web shop. In our example we are using Info 3 to store this information.

  1. Go to Visual -> www-Oultook -> Page Construction -> Product Page
  2. Open Product page edit window by clicking Product card -button on left frame.
  3. Add the product variable $product_text_info3$ variable to the product page.

Screenshot of the Product-WAE

Now we would like to add a Look also -section for the "C-Gulls Flock-83 3-PW steel"-club to create links to related products "Zumino bag" itemcode 0003 and "Ulysses" itemcode 0002. We open the "C-Gulls Flock-83 3-PW steel"-product card for modification. To the "TextInfo 3"-field we add the following text:

<b>Look also</b><br>
<a href="?itemcode=0003">Zumino bag to protect your precious club</a><br>
<a href="?itemcode=0002">Ulysses is also an excellent club-choice</a><br>

Notice that the lines are similar except for the itemcode in the urls and for the link texts.

Now open your webshop and look at the "C-Gulls Flock-83 3-PW steel"-club product page.
There we should see the newly created "Look also"-section.

Screenshot of the top selling product page

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