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How to find out what happened to a missing order

The most common reason for an order not to show up in the order search is that it has been cancelled by the customer during the payment process. Although you cannot see cancelled orders in the Orders module you can still view the details of the payment process to track what happened.

You do this by first opening:
Payment > Transactions > Search

  1. Enter the number of the missing order in the "Order number" search field. Make sure that all the other search fields are empty.
  2. Click the "Search" button.
  3. If the payment transaction for the searched order was found click the number in the "Transaction id" column to open the transaction view.

In the transaction view you see most of the info that was included in the order including the payer's contact info, ordered items etc. The most interesting part is the "History" table, where you can see what happened during the payment process. If the status of the transaction changes to "cancelled" after the customer has returned from bank (event type "Received from payment service"), then we have an ordinary case of customer cancelling the order. If the payment transaction is first cancelled but then later paid, you probably have a situation described in known bug WS-335, which is caused by customer first cancelling the order and then returning to bank using the browser's back button.

Sometimes there can be missing order numbers for which there is no payment transaction. This can happen in the rare case of server being restarted after the customer entered the order confirm page in the WebShop and before he or she pressed the confirm button. The information of the shopping cart contents will be lost in the server restart and the customer will be shown "Your shopping cart is empty" message. Although the created order will immediately be deleted as Workspace notices it to contain no products, the order number won't be reused again.

If you want to get informed about cancelled orders you can configure an automatic message to be sent to you.
Go to Orders > Settings > Message settings

  1. Create a new message template. The subject might be something like "Order (ID: $order_id$) cancelled!". Configure the message to be sent to you.
  2. Add new row in "Sending settings". Select the template you just created as the Workspace message to be used and choose the event "Order cancelled".

Now you will get email every time an order is cancelled.

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