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How to deal with orders which aren't automatically marked "Paid"

When using payment systems of banks or other payment providers, Workspace receives the information on the payment transaction's result when the customer is directed back to the Webshop from the payment provider's pages. If the transaction was succesful the order's status is typically changed to "Paid" (this is customizable, however). If the transaction was cancelled by the customer the order is cancelled as well and it won't show up in the Administration Interface.

This system is not foolproof, however, as there is no guarantee that the customer will really return to Webshop. There are return links in the payment providers' pages and some even redirect customer back automatically, but the customer may very easily slip away and go elsewhere or close his browser window if he chooses to. The browser may also crash or the customer's internet connection may be lost for some reason. In this case Workspace won't receive any information on what happened to the payment. The order will simply be left in the status it was (typically "Received").

So, what can you do with these kind of orders? Some payment methods, such as Nordea and Kultaraha, provide a payment checking functionality that is supported by Workspace. If checking is supported, you see a link labeled "Check transaction" beside the payment method's name in the Order Information page. This will direct you to payment provider's check page, which should contain information on the payment (if paid).

The checking functionality of Kultaraha payment method (Osuuspankki) is turned off by default and always gives you a message claiming that the payment was not paid. In order to get the checking functionality (Maksukysely) working you have to ask Osuuspankki to turn it on.

If the check functionality is not available, you can always manually check your account for the payment in question.

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