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Howto get Prinetti printing software

By default the Prinetti software is designed to be used only by Finnish companies that have a billing contract with the Finland Post Corporation. The Prinetti is a FREE software and the stickers needed for printing the packet cards are also free and can be ordered through the Finland Post.

Installing the software

You can download the software at:

From where you may select from two different versions: Internet Version and PC Version.
The Internet version is accessible from any computer with Internet connection using a web-browser.

Follow the instructions and install the software as advised.

Using the software

Creating new packet cards and tracking codes is quite straight-forward and easy.
Just fill in the address information and select services needed (such as cash-on-delivery).
The software will inform you about required fields and warn if some information (e.g. post number) seems to be faulty.

Printing the packet card

After you have filled in all required information the software creates a printable PDF.
You should print the PDF on a special sticker that is available for free from the Finland Post.

Tracking the packet movements

While creating the PDF the software also creates a unique tracking-code for the packet.
You can use the internet-service to track your packet movements
and usually it is wise to hand over this tracking code to the customer.

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