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How to add pictures and files to a product

All Product related information and operations are available in Workspace's Product Management module, which will open in a new window when you select from the top menu:
Products > Products > Products

Steps to add pictures and files to a product:

  1. In Product Management locate the product to which you want to add pictures or files. There are two methods for locating products:
    • Running a keyword search: type search keyword(s) to the search box in the top right corner and click on "Search" button
    • Browsing the product group structure in Groups Management view in the left column. Click on a group name to display a list of its products in the right column.

    When you have found the product, click on the its "Modify" button to open a Product Card window.
    Product Management Screenshot 4

  2. Select tab "Pictures and files" from the Product Card. On this tab you can attach 5 pictures and 5 files to the product. There are two alternatives for each picture/file slot:
    • Enter the full URL address to the picture/file (see "Picture 1 URL" in screenshot below), or
    • Upload a local picture/file to be stored with the product data in Workspace (see "Picture 2"): Click "Browse" button to choose a file and "Upload" to send it to Workspace

    Note that the URL address will be used in the webshop only if you haven't uploaded a picture/file.

    You may enter a description of each picture. This "alt-text" will be displayed in the shop when mouse cursor is positioned over the picture.

    For each product file there is a "linktext" field which is used to create a download link to the actual file. A file's linktext can not be left empty, otherwise the download link will be invisible to the user.

    Finally click "Accept" or "Cancel" button on the page's down-right corner to save or abandon changes.

  3. Screenshot of Pictures and Files tab of the Product Card

  4. Done: adding pictures and files to the product is now complete.

    For detailed instructions on how to display product pictures and file download links in the webshop, please refer to the Workspace User Manual, Chapter 8: Visual Module.

    Product pictures and files related template variables available in Products WAE and Product list WAE are listed here for quick reference.
    Template variables for product pictures:
    • $product_picture1$
    • $product_picture2$
    • $product_picture3$
    • $product_picture4$
    • $product_picture5$
    Template variables for product files:
    • $product_file1$
    • $product_file2$
    • $product_file3$
    • $product_file4$
    • $product_file5$

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