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Howto select recipient of order notification email from the ordering page

By default, the recipient of any message is configured using Message Templates in Workspace
(Customers -> Settings -> Message Settings -> Message Templates).

However we might want to allow our customers to select e.g. the pick-up place for the shipment and the e-mail notification of the order should so be directed to the pick-up place.

We can do this by creating a new customer question on the Customer Questions page
(Customers -> Settings -> Customer Questions).

Creating a new question

  1. Click the "Create new question" button
  2. Set question type to "Custom Question"
  3. Give the name of the question, e.g. "Pickup Place "
  4. Set question modifiable in the webshop
  5. Set input type to "Select"
  6. Add options (comma separated) into the field, e.g. "Helsinki,Stockholm,Berlin"
  7. Put in mind (or paper) the number of the question, e.g. 101.

Configuring the message template
Open the message template of the message you wish to send when order is received.
(Customers -> Settings -> Message Settings -> Message Templates)

Insert the variable of the just created new question into the "Other receivers" field. You need to enter the endpart of the email address if it was not included in the customer question. For example $order_answer_user_question_101$
If your question for the recipient number was 101, the variable is $order_answer_user_question_101$ and so on.

Sending options
Now you are set, but remember to check that the sending options are correctly configured at:
(Customers -> Settings -> Message Settings -> Sending Settings )

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