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Howto use dynamic titles and dynamic meta-descriptions

You can easily enhance your visibility and ranking in search engines, such as google, by adding few variables on your title and meta tags.

$group_name$ displays the product group where you currently are
$product_name$ displays the product name where you currently are

For example if you put

<title> - $group_name$ - $group_code$</title>

into your FramFree shop template code, and the search engine crawler goes to your webshop and crawles to a page flowers -> red rose, the title would be on that page " - flowers - red rose" and this title will be stored into the search engine databases and next time when someone searches "red rose flowers", the page should be shown in the search results much higher than before. Ofcourse there are some other issues that affect your ranking in the search engines, but this little trick can do a lot!

Similarly you can place the variables into meta-description and meta-keywords section to even more enhance the search engine indexing.

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