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Creating a TOP-10 list

Creating the element in Workspace admin interface

Now we need to put the HTML code that we created as a template for the TOP-10 list.

Lets say that we want to place the element on the left side of the site.
Lets open the "Left" page-element from Page construction by going:
Visual -> WWW-outlook -> Page construction -> Left

A new window opens and it should look something like this:

To add element for TOP list, click and drag "Product spot" WAE (Workspace Action Element) from the "Select element" menu to some convenient place at the bottom-left listing where you have all your other elements placed.

Click on the just added "Product spot" element and the element properties (some text areas) should appear on the right side of the window (look at the above picture).

Insert the starting HTML code that should be printed once before the product listing into the "Start HTML" field. On our example case this part is:

<table width="175" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" bgcolor="#990000">
<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="8" bgcolor="#E0FFCE">
<td><b>TOP-10 Products</b>:<br>

Into the "Product HTML" field you should place the variables that you want to display on the listing. This could include the product price etc. (look for the possible variables by clicking "Available product variables") but in this article we are simply showing the product names and creating links from the names into the product pages.
So we add this into the "Product HTML" field:


What it does, it prints once the "Start HTML" and then "Product HTML" as many times as we have products in the TOP-10 product group. If we want TOP-20 list, just add 20 products into the product group.

We can leave the "Grouping HTML" empty or take the <br> tag from "Product HTML" and place it here. Grouping HTML is printed after every X products and X is set in "Grouping Interval" field as a number. In this example we leave "Grouping HTML" empty and set "Grouping interval" to 1.

Finally we put the rest HTML code into "End HTML" field:


This ends the tables we started in the "Start HTML" field.

Now we have the HTML template part of the Product spot WAE ready.

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