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Creating a TOP-10 list

Selecting and assigning products that will be displayed on the list

Click on the Settings tab and the window should look like this:

In this simple TOP-10 list we need to set the "Product spot group" to be the group from where the products are fetched into the list. This group ofcourse should include only 10 products, or else it would not be top-10 list, would it?

If we want to set a maximum length of product names, we can do it by setting a number into "The maximum length ot the product name" field. What this means, is that if we have designed an element with maximum width xxx pixels and none of the product names should use two rows of the listing, we can crop the product name from the assigned character number. If we have for example product "The Count of Monte Cristo" and we set so that the product names are not allowed to be more than 17 characters, the element automatically converts the name into "The Count of Mont..." leaving couple of dots in the end to indicate that the actual name is longer than presented.

Final setting is to make the product names as links to the product info pages. We can do this by checking the checkbox before text "Product name is a link to the product page".

Now we are all set and we should have on our store a element looking like this:

TOP-10 Products:
The Count of Monte Cris..
The Odyssey (Fagles tra..
Moby-Dick (Collector's L..
Of Mice and Men
The Good Earth
The Scarlet Letter
The Voyage Out
Razor's Edge

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